Places to visit near Ranchi


  • Dasam Falls, makes a pretty cascading fall also known as DassanGhagh (Distance- 30 kms from Ranchi)
  • Hirni Falls (Distance- 70 kms from Ranchi)
  • Hundru Falls, a famous picnic spot about 40 kms from Ranchi where river Subarnarekha takes a spectacular leap down by 320ft (Distance- 50 kms from Ranchi)
  • Jonha Falls, also known as Gautam Dhara, falls from a height of 144ft. Place worth visiting
  • PanchGhagh, a gentle waterfall (Distance- 50 kms from Ranchi)


Netarhat is also known as “The queen of Jharkhand”. Situated 154 kms from Ranchi at an elevation of 3700 ft. above sea level with dense forests, inviting hills and verdant hillocks, winding roads, flowing streams, majestic waterfalls, cool breeze, moonlit night- its an experience not to be passed by. The sunrise and sunset at Magnolia point is a must visit for the traveler.


The Betla National Park, originally a part of the Palamu Wildlife Sanctuary situated at an average elevation of about 305 mtrs., spread over 250 sq. kms., with motorable roads crisscrossing each other is remarkable for nature lovers. Common species found in the park are Langur, Chital, Bison, etc.

Our state is also famous for Palamu Tiger Reserve, considered to be the first notified Tiger Reserve in the country.

Patratu Valley and Dam

At a distance of only 40 kms., flanked by hills and covered with lush green trees, Patratu is no less attractive than the other famous ones like Gangtok- Nathula, Dehradun-abdRaxaul- Kathmandu. The only difference may be; Patratu Valley has a pleasant climate but is devoid of snow.

Places of Worship

Temples with the city
  • Jagannath Temple, Jagannathpur, Dhurwa, Ranchi (6 kms)
  • Chhinnamasta Temple, Rajrappa (69 kms)
  • Deori Mandir, Tamaar (60 kms)
  • Kali Mandir, Main Road, Ranchi
  • Hanuman Mandir, Main Road, Ranchi
  • Shiv Temple (Pahadi Mandir)
  • Ram Mandir, Niwaranpur
  • Sai Temple, Sri Sai City (9 kms)
  • Surya Temple, Bundu (42 kms)
  • Shiv Temple, Angrabadi (35 kms)
  • Ram Mandir, Purulia Road

  • St. Mary’s Church, CamilBulcke Road, Ranchi
  • G.E.L. Church, Main Road, Ranchi

  • At Main Road
  • At Doranda

  • At Station Road
  • At Main Road

Worth visiting sites
  • Ramkrishna Mission, Tupudana
  • Ramkrishna Mission, Morabadi
  • YogodaSatsanga Ashram
  • State Museum, Khelgaon
  • Tribal museum, Morabadi
  • Cricket Stadium, Dhurwa
  • Biodiversity Park, Lalkhatanga (16 kms)
  • Crocodile Park, Ormanjhi (36 kms)
  • Deer Park, Khunti Road (20 kms)
  • Tagore Hill, Morabadi
  • Rock Garden, Kanke Road
  • Nakshatra Van